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June 05, 2020

We love help people crafing new ideas combine development and marketing.

Sometimes we are a freelancer, sometimes we are Indie Hackers, but for sure we are moving to do what we love.

We are Davide, Ugo and Edoardo and with this blog we would like to tell you something about us, about our works, about our values and passions.

Why this blog

We love writing and learning new things, infact this blog born with two goals:

  1. Write
  2. Learn Gatsby

I think that write it’s a good way to interact with another people but it’s very hard to maintain the habit.

Gatsby is a new framework to build very fast website and apps without the need to manage webservers (we could talk about JAMStack in another post).

Combine this two goals we would like to build a writing habit and deliver a great and useful contents to you. The idea is simple: document our work and our journey.

The structure

The content of this blog will based on this main areas:

  • Develoment
  • Marketing
  • Life & Works

We will try to arrange a more organized editorial plan and share with you here, in the maintime you could follow us on twitter.

A blog of three Indie Hackers that combine Development and Marketing to help people crafting ideas You should follow us on Twitter

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